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Post 1 - EDM Production (Video Tutorials

 Special Offer for April 2021 20% off only 1280 EGP   68 EUR    81 USD

Presenting our Electronic Music Production Video Tutorials in Arabic by A&Z, after many successful rounds of our classes we have it now simplified and recorded in order to take you from zero to hero in your music production Journey on Ableton Live.

A&Z have been a prominent name in the Trance music scene, they have officially remixed Armin Van Buren, played Tomorrowland,  and almost all continents of the planet with regular features in A State Of Trance biggest trance radio show. Now they are making a strong appearance with their new project 'Fade Republic' with a melodic techno sound that is making waves.

This Course will help you learn from their years of experience releasing music how to to make an Electronic Music track from scratch. If you have been looking for a course to teach you how to make electronic music on Ableton Live in Arabic, look no further.

   1. Creating a Beat pt.1

  2. Creating a Beat pt.2

  3. Bass & Synth Sounds 

  4. Writing  Melodies                                

  5. Chords & Harmony

  6. Chords & Harmony pt.2

  7. Basics of Mix pt.1

  8. Basics of Mix pt.2

  9. FX pt.1

 10. FX pt.2 

 11. Arrangement pt.1

 12. Arrangement pt.2

 13. Arrangement pt.3

 14. Automation & Movement

 15. Final Touches & Export

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